Continuous improvement includes workplace improvement initiatives. Its purpose is to identify and implement improvements in the workplace to make the organisation more efficient and effective. The organisation should implement the workplace improvement initiatives to improve business performance; improve collaboration within and across teams; increase employee discretionary effort; improve employee retention; and improve stakeholder relationships.

Client Engagement

Sales is one of the biggest challenges to business today. What can you do to generate more sales without a major change and cost to your business?

Find out what the high performing businesses are doing and the processes they have in place to engage their staff and their clients.

If you have staff and existing clients – then you have an opportunity to increase your sales today.

This forum will provide you with the inside story and consequences to sales and client loyalty and will develop a strategy for your business.

People and Process Review

A business review enables you to review your processes and then make improvements to make them more efficient and effective with less wasted effort and more time spent on valuable and profitable work.

A review should deliver an understanding of how a process is currently performed, the technology/systems that support the process and the people involved. A review should also help to highlight problem areas and opportunities for change. Put simply, what are you trying to do? How are you doing it? What does and doesn’t work? How it might be done better? Theses reviews should be done annually – are yours?

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