At My HR Solutions, we offer a range of workforce solutions that help organisations maximise the output, engagement and performance of their people.

Organisational Measurement and Planning

Organisations need to measure and benchmark so that they can then develop a plan to improve productivity, performance and profitability.

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HR Systems and Processes

All businesses should have HR processes and systems to minimise the risk in your business associated with having staff.  This includes processes and documentation management including systems. It should establish day to day management processes for the employment relationship between employees and managers. These processes and systems should cover all aspects of human resource activity.

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Governance and Compliance

You need to review your governance and compliance needs in relation to stakeholder requirements and external regulatory environment. The organisation should plan and implement the governance and compliance to review internal processes for compliance and risk; monitor and evaluate external compliance changes for internal impact; develop processes for internal updates and track changes; validate and verify changes with authorisation; and communicate changes within the organisation

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Performance Management

Every business needs to establish of mutually agreed performance expectations between the employer and employee and subsequent performance evaluations.


This includes clarity of accountability, standards of performance and measurement of contribution. The performance management process should establish standards of agreed performance taking into account individual competence; evaluate current performance against the standards; understand current performance, needs and capability; provide objective feedback for improvement; and develop improvement initiatives

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Workplace Improvement

Continuous improvement includes workplace improvement initiatives. Its purpose is to identify and implement improvements in the workplace to make the organisation more efficient and effective. The organisation should implement the workplace improvement initiatives to improve business performance; improve collaboration within and across teams; increase employee discretionary effort; improve employee retention; and improve stakeholder relationships.

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